Leeds Civic Trust

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Key Issues

The Leeds Civic Trust Planning Committee seeks to discuss key development issues in the City at all its meetings and where appropriate, these will be reported on the website. However, there are some which arise time and again, or are particularly urgent at a specific time, and the Committee has set up a number of sub-groups to coordinate the Trust's response in these areas.

This group is looking at transport issues in the widest sense, setting out the Trust's general position on all principal modes of transport (road, bus/taxi, rail and cycle/pedestrian). It will consider ways in which the Trust can influence transport planning and provision, ideally working with Leeds City Council and Metro to look at subjects such as City Station, bus lanes, cycle routes and addressing congestion hotspots. 

Leeds City Council has commissioned a report into the future of the Market but the key proposal is that it should be reduced in size by 25%. The Trust feels that there is little evidence for this policy and that more pro-active management should be used to fill the many empty stalls.  Update: The Trust has supported plans for revitalising the market published in early 2014.

Planning Policy
The Trust seeks to respond to all key planning and development policy documents issued by the City Council and other public bodies. This group has recently commented on the LCC Core Strategy and on the Government's National Planning Policy Framework - details of the Trust's comments can be found on this page.  

The Heritage at Risk Group has been updating the Leeds Civic Trust's Heritage at Risk List, which includes both Listed and unlisted buildings in the Leeds area.