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Heritage at Risk Sheets

First White Cloth Hall
Over the past two years the Heritage at Risk Group have been investigating the buildings and structures on the Heritage at Risk 2016 and producing data sheets for a number of the buildings.  Our aim is to eventually produce a data sheet for all the buildings on the list and use these to help record the state of the buildings on an annual basis.  

Below is a list of the buildings and structures the group have already produced data sheets for, please click on the name to download a PDF version of each document:

URGENT (immediate structural danger)

Locality Name Size
Beeston Stank Hall Barn 145 KB
City Centre First White Cloth Hall 187 KB
City Centre Lambert's Arcade (Yard) 185 KB
Headingley Summerhouse at Arncliffe 243 KB
Holbeck Temple Mill and Gate Lodge 280 KB
Hunslet Hunslet Mill and Victoria Works 227 KB
Richmond Hill Mount St Mary Church 133 KB
Richmond Hill York Road Library (former) 92 KB
Thorpe-on-the-hill Thorpe Hall 82 KB

AT RISK (vulnerable through neglect and decay)

Locality Name Size
Armley Cottages at Armley Mills 334 KB
Armley    Mike's Carpets  274 KB
Burley Rising Sun Public House 280 KB
Buslingthorpe Scott Hall (Scott Hall Farm) 472 KB
Chapel Allerton                 Former Chapel Allerton Hospital 200 KB
City Centre Leeds Bridge 183 KB
City Centre Majestyk 71 KB
City Centre Templar House 202 KB
Headingley Arncliffe 108 KB
Headingley Coachhouse at Arncliffe 453 KB
Headingley Elinor Lupton Centre 77 KB
Headingley Victoria Arch in Queen's Wood 126 KB
Hollin Park Fearnville Hall 214 KB
Holbeck Marshall Mills Schoolroom 400 KB
Holbeck Wall Mosaic by Harry Thubron 165 KB
Horsforth Corn Mill Building 287 KB
Hunslet 16-18 Crown Point Road & 37-39 Hunslet Road 155 KB
Hunslet Garden Gate Public House 314 KB
Lawnswood Lawnswood Columbarium 91 KB
Meanwood Meanwood Hall 157 KB
Meanwood Meanwood Towers 293 KB
Menston High Royds Hospital 338 KB
Roundhay Lodges at South Gate 196 KB
Roundhay Roundhay Carriage House 183 KB
Seacroft The Grange 335 KB
Temple Newsam Boundary Wall to North 255 KB
Temple Newsam Bridge/Dam Over Avenue Ponds 324 KB
Temple Newsam Fountain 337 KB
Temple Newsam Little Temple 172 KB
Woodhouse Moor Memorial to Queen Victoria 195 KB
Woodhouse Carr St Mark's Church 79 KB