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Leeds Waterfront

Waterfront Festival at Royal Armouries, Clarence Dock

Leeds Civic Trust has a long history of championing the restoration of the Leeds Waterfront along the River Aire and has played its part in the regeneration projects which, over the last thirty years have transformed the Waterfront from its dismal, dark and dirty past to a bright, thriving and cheerful asset in the centre of the city.

Centenary Bridge, from the Calls to Brewery Wharf, was the first pedestrian bridge across the river erected in 1992 soon after the buildings either side of it had been turned from derelict warehouses to serviced offices and a four star hotel. Some five years earlier, the process of regeneration had been started with housing at Navigation Wharf and the Chandlers and since then, development of the Waterfront has continued upward and onward and included the re-use and rehabilitation of historic buildings as well as plenty of new ones. Clarence Dock and the Armouries, Granary Wharf, Brewery Wharf - all these have contributed to the character of the waterfront as it is now, with more to come at Warehouse Hill, between the Calls and the river.

Following our report, Whose Water Front is it? (926KB), the Trust helped to prepare the Leeds Waterfront Strategy and more recently, the Trust has been involved in helping to establish Aire Action Leeds, a project management partnership between the City Council, Environment Agency, British Waterways and Yorkshire Water. We are also represented on the Leeds Waterfront Association, which brings together businesses and residents who live and work along the river in Leeds.

We usually run guided walks around the Waterfront two or three times through the year, including a supper walk in May or June, during Heritage Open Days in September and during the Leeds Waterfront Festival in June/July.

We have also recently published a new and improved version of the Leeds Waterfront guide in our popular  Walkabout series.

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