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Landmark Grant for Community Projects

The Landmark Grant is to fund or contribute to projects in the inner areas of the city put forward by local community groups which will enhance the distinctive appearance of their area.

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Particulars and Project Requirements

  • Areas of Leeds eligible for consideration are shown shaded on the accompanying map. This is the Inner Leeds Housing Market Characteristic Area defined by the Leeds Local Development Framework Core Strategy. Parts of Leeds City Centre may also be eligible at the discretion of Leeds Civic Trust
  • Applications must be from bona fide community groups with a written constitution and a bank account, and whose interests lie within or partly within the area shaded on the map.
  • The project should be locally focussed, should meet the objectives of Leeds Civic Trust and should, as a result, enhance the distinctive local character of the area
  • The project can be permanent or temporary, provided it is likely to have a lasting impact. In both cases there should be a permanently available record of the project in a media format that can be widely disseminated. Examples might include:
    • Planting trees in a prominent place
    • Creating a pocket park or community garden
    • Improving the appearance of an important building or structure
    • Creating an appropriate work of public art
    • Creating a heritage trail with information boards
  • A wide representation of the community should be involved in the project
  • Applications for funding or part-funding should be for a minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £7,000
  • The number of projects funded per year is at the discretion of Leeds Civic Trust (max £7,000 per year)
  • Offers of funding of less than the amount requested may be made at the discretion of Leeds Civic Trust
  • Leeds Civic Trust needs to be acknowledged as a partner in any publicity, and the Trust logo included in any literature
  • The project must be completed within an agreed timetable

Making an Application

       Applications for funding should be made in writing and sent or emailed to Leeds Civic Trust, with information about the applicant group and its status, and accompanied by a statement showing:

    • how the community has been involved in selecting the project
    • how the community will be engaged in the process of delivering of the project
    • how the money will be spent, with information on any other funding sources
    • how the project will benefit the community and
    • how it enhances the distinctiveness of, and will foster pride in the local area. 

Application Timetable

The Leeds Civic Trust's Grants Group meets three times a year to consider applications which must be received by 15th January, 15thMay or 15th September in order to meet the next available meeting date. Recommendations will then be made to the next available Trust Council meeting for approval.