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The Leeds Project Fund

The Leeds Project Fund is intended to support projects which further the objectives of Leeds Civic Trust and benefit Leeds as a whole.

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Particulars and Project Requirements

       Projects will relate to the planning, architecture, design, heritage of the city or its environmental or cultural amenities.

       Eligible projects will have a wide impact and/or provide an exemplar for others.

       Projects would be expected to create a lasting legacy in terms of either a physical presence or a written or visual record.

       Applications for funding or part-funding can be made for any amount, but there will be a total of £7,000 per annum available for this fund with the amount for any one project at the discretion of the Trust.

       The number of projects funded per year is at the discretion of Leeds Civic Trust

       Offers of funding of less than the amount requested may be made at the discretion of Leeds Civic Trust

       Leeds Civic Trust needs to be acknowledged as a partner in any publicity, and the Trust logo included in any literature

       The project must be completed within an agreed timetable


Making an Application

       Applications for grants from this fund should be made in writing (email or hard copy) to Leeds Civic Trust and include the following information:

       Details and cv of the applicant(s)

       Details of the proposed project and its timescale

       The amount of grant required and information on other sources of funding

       How the project meets the objectives of the Trust, how it will have a lasting impact and how it will benefit Leeds as a whole

       A business plan for the project including information on how the grant itself will be spent


Leeds Project Grant Fund Timetable

The Leeds Civic Trust's Grants Group meets three times a year to consider applications which must be received by 15th January, 15thMay or 15th September in order to meet the next available meeting date. Recommendations will then be made to the next available Trust Council meeting for approval