Leeds Civic Trust

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Planning Committee Members visiting the Victoria Gate site.

The Station's new Southern Entrance during construction.

Leeds Civic Trust encourages high standards of design, architecture and town planning in the city.

Leeds is a continually changing city. Its buoyant economy in the first few years of the 21st century led to a building boom which made it all the more important that new development enhanced the special character of the city's heritage. The effects of the 'credit crunch' of recent years means that some high-profile schemes have either been abandoned or put on hold. However, it is important that those schemes which are going ahead do not compromise on design standards and building materials.

Leeds Civic Trust recognises that what we build today will be tomorrow's heritage, and encouraging good modern development is as important as ensuring that the best of the past is conserved.

The Trust's Planning Committee meets on a fortnightly basis to review development issues in the city and the paragraphs below give an overview of the work carried out - further information on each topic can be found on the separate pages.

The Leeds Civic Trust is involved in many local initiatives and is often consulted by those seeking to carry out new build or refurbishment developments in and around the City. This page provides a summary of the Latest Planning News which we have heard either directly or 'on the grapevine'.

Key Issues regarding the development of the city change on a regular basis and the Committee has responded to these by setting up sub-groups tasked with establishing the Trust's position on matters such as Transport, Heritage at Risk, Planning Policy and Leeds City Market.

As part of its work, the Trust's Planning Committee examines and comments upon many proposed developments in the City. Planning Applications sets out our approach to reviewing proposals and summarises our comments on these where appropriate - we also give the current status of the development where known.

Details of some key Major Developments within the city are included on this website, including a summary of the Leeds Civic Trust views and an update on the current status.

Over the years, the Leeds Civic Trust has published a number of Planning Reports on specific issues or projects. These pages provide further details and downloads.