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Transport Measures

Ill-fated: The Trolleybus Scheme

Trust welcomes £270 million public transport investment

Commenting on the announcement of a £270 million investment in transport (including £173 million of Department for Transport funding originally allocated to the trolley bus scheme), Martin Hamilton, Director of Leeds Civic Trust said: "Taken as a whole, the Civic Trust supports this package of measures as a positive step towards improving public transport in Leeds."

"In particular, we welcome proposals to create new railway stations at the White Rose Centre, Thorpe Park and Leeds Bradford Airport.  Improving key bus corridors across the city is also to be welcomed, as are new or enhanced park and ride facilities."

However, the Civic Trust still believes that Leeds still needs a mass transport system. If the time limit imposed by the government on spending the £173 million originally allocated to the scrapped trolley bus scheme makes this impossible in immediate future using this money, it should remain a long term aim for the city. Martin said "Technology is moving ahead - today's tram system may well be tomorrow's electric bus network.  But whatever method is used, a comprehensive system - as part of a wide-ranging transport strategy that considers all modes of transport including walking and cycling - must remain part of the city's thinking."