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Grants & Awards Scheme

From planting to public art - a grant could help your community ambitions.

The Trust is very pleased to announce new grant and award schemes which will enable community groups and others help us in our objectives of improving the quality or understanding of the buildings, spaces, amenities and heritage of Leeds.

The Crabtree Memorial Bursary. This is a bursary of £1000 towards the cost of a project / individual research relating to the city of Leeds. It can range from a  piece of art, writing, research or even film that enhances Leeds.
Landmark Grant for Community Projects. These will be directed at community groups in the inner areas of Leeds to help fund projects, which they would organise or carry out and which will leave a lasting landmark which celebrates the special character of their area. We will seek bids from bona fide community groups within the area shown on the accompanying map for a minimum of £1000 and there will be a total pot for the year of £7,000. The aim is to enable communities to work collectively to enhance the quality of the local built or natural environment.

The Leeds Project Fund. We also want to support projects which will further the objectives of the Trust and benefit Leeds as a whole. We will be looking for projects which will have a wide impact and/or provide an exemplar for others, for example public art incorporating children's play in the city centre or an activity or publication celebrating Leeds. There will be a total of about £7,000 per annum for this fund.

The Snaith Award for Affiliated Societies. This is an annual award given for a project carried out or initiated locally by one of our Affiliated Societies and resulting in an enhancement, or enhanced understanding of the built or natural environment. We will be inviting nominations this autumn for projects completed in the previous 12 months up to the end of August 2017. Three awards will be made and announced at the Trust's Annual General Meeting:

  •                    Gold Award of £500
  •                    Silver Award of £300
  •                     Bronze Award of £200 

We are actively encouraging unaffiliated community groups who have carried out a project which might be worthy of an award, to affiliate to make themselves eligible (recipients of a Landmark Grant would not be eligible for a Snaith award for the same project and vice versa).