York Stone Thefts – Heritage Crime

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York Stone Thefts York Stone Thefts Blighting Leeds. York stone is the distinctive natural textured stone quarried in Yorkshire that features in much of the paving in the older parts of the city, particularly in places like Harehills, Headingley, Woodhouse, Burley, Armley, Cross Green, Roundhay, Oakwood, Gledhow, Beeston, Pudsey and Chapel Allerton. For some time […]

Kiosk or Advertising

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Kiosk or Advertising?  Can you remember the last time you used a phone box?  How many times have you used one in the last year? I thought so! With almost everyone owning a mobile phone, telephone boxes are fast becoming an anachronism.   And yet in Leeds, we have just received 36 applications for new phone […]