Our Wharf Street bookshop is a real treasure trove, with the largest selection of books about local and city wide history available anywhere in Leeds. If you’re a student, amateur historian, researcher, exploring your family tree, or just a lover of all things ‘Leeds’ then you’re sure to find something for your bookshelf!

The shop is open Monday to Friday, from 10 until 1:30, and is managed and staffed entirely on a voluntary basis by our members.

Why not pop along and see what you might find? Haven’t got time to visit? We have a small selection of our own publications available to purchase here. (Postage and packaging will be added via Paypal, unfortunately we are unable to deliver outside of the UK).


History of Kirkgate

A History of Kirkgate

Authors: Steven Burt and Kevin Grady, with illustrations from Peter Brears.This beautifully illustrated, ground breaking book tells the fascinating story of Kirkgate – the original settlement from which the great modern city of Leeds sprung. Trace its history from medieval times to the 1800s, via Tudor clothiers and fashionable merchants.

Hardback, 78 pages.



Leeds Civic Trust Tote Bag

Show your support for Leeds and the environment with one of our eye-catching 100% cotton Leeds made tote bags. Navy, and made from string 140gsm fabric 38cm wide x 41 cm high (minus handles).

Thanks to Awesome Merchandise (based in Armley) for their beautiful and clear screen printing.



Blue Plaques of Leeds Vol I

Authors: Peter Dyson and Kevin GradyDiscover the stories behind the first sixty six blue plaques around the city of Leeds. Well known buildings such as Leeds Infirmary, Kemplay’s Academy and Kirkgate Market feature here, and also some interetsing personalities such as Montague Burton, Arthur Ransome, Louis Le Prince and Sir Leonard Hutton who all had connections with Leeds.

Softback, 80 pages.



Walkabout Series

Authors: Peter Brears, Janet Douglas, Chris Furniss and Kevin Grady

Discover this great city’s heritage through a series of four circular walks; from the city’s Yards and Arcades, to it’s places of worship, via the waterfront. By following these informative and highly pictorial guides, each walks should take a leisurely our or two. Great for groups!

Softback, each book is approx 25 pages.

All four editions £10 (including postage)

Edwardian Leeds in Postcards

Authors: Kevin Grady and John StringerWith the help of picture postcards of the period, join us for a tour of Edwardian Leeds and the surrounding areas, passing through busy streets whose names are so familiar. The postcards provide us with vivid illustrations of the grandeur and vitality of the city, as well as insights into the daily lives of those who lived and worked in it.

Softback, 75 pages.