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An Illustrated History of Roundhay Park
by Steven Burt

Roundhay Park lies only three miles to the north of Leeds, yet it remained outside the bounds of the city until 1912. The survival of this great medieval hunting park and its transformation into one of the finest municipal parks in the country is a most fortunate and remarkable accident of history. The baron's hunting park was remodelled by a wealthy banker as a desirable country estate. Then an acrimonious family dispute resulted in its sale to a visionary Victorian businessman, who even mortgaged his own home to obtain it for the people of Leeds!

The history of the park is a fascinating story of power, prestige and self-interest which has produced Leeds' greatest jewel.

If, like many, you have spent a happy afternoon walking the paths of Roundhay Park this book will bring a new appreciation for its history and its future.

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