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Edwardian Leeds in Postcards
by Grady & Stringer

Have you ever looked above the shop fronts in Leeds City Centre? If you do, you will see fine examples of Edwardian architecture. For a hundred years ago, Leeds was very much the thriving, prosperous northern city, and that era has left us a legacy of many wonderful buildings.

One of the great crazes of the Edwardian era was collecting postcards. In 1902 for the first time the post Office allowed the whole of one side of a postcard to be devoted to a picture. The passion for sending and collecting picture postcards was born. By 1914 the post office was handling 880 million cards every year!

With the help of picture postcards of the period, join us for a tour of Edwardian Leeds and the surrounding areas, passing through busy streets whose names are so familiar. The postcards provide us with vivid illustrations of the grandeur and vitality of the city, as well as insights into the daily lives of those who lived and worked in it.

A lovely volume that will remind you that Leeds really is 'as pretty as a picture.'

Sale Price : £8.00 (incl. postage)

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